Urbanism and economy in late antique Thessaly (3rd–7th century A.D.): the archaeological evidence: (Vol. 1: Text; Vol. 2: Appendices and Tables; Vol. 3: Illustrations)


This thesis aspires to contribute to a better understanding of the socio-economic and political conditions prevailing in the Balkans during Late Antiquity by examining closely the important Aegean province of Thessaly (provincia Thessalia) from the mid-3rd until the end of the 7th c. A.D. The main discussion of this topic, contained in the first volume of the thesis (243 p., with 615 references to other works and 996 footnotes), is supported by 8 complementary studies (appendices) and 28 tables presented in the second volume (160 p.) and by extensive illustrations in the third volume (one map, 217 plates with plans and photos and a folded map showing the plans of 15 early Christian churches, all drawn at the same scale). The main text in the first volume is divided into five chapters. The first chapter defines the geographical and chronological boundaries of the study, the main research themes and the working methods. According to late antique sources, provincia Thessalia included a gr ...
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Η εξέλιξη των πόλεων και η οικονομία της Θεσσαλίας κατά την Ύστερη Αρχαιότητα (3ος-7ος αι. μ.Χ.): τα αρχαιολογικά δεδομένα: (τόμος 1: Κείμενο, τόμος 2: Παραρτήματα και Πίνακες, τόμος 3: Κατάλογος εικόνων)
Karagiorgou, Olga of Evangelos
Degree Grantor
University of Oxford. School of Archaeology. Institute of Archaeology
Committee members
Mundell-Mango (επόπτρια) Marlia
Ward-Perkins (εξεταστής) Bryan
Sodini (εξεταστής) Jean-Pierre
Humanities and the Arts
History and Archaeology
Thessaly in late antiquity; Urbanism in late antiquity, Thessaly's ports in the Aegean; Larisa; Thebes-Nea Anchialos; Demetrias; Echinos; Lamia; Hypata; Metropolis; Trikke; Gomphoi; Kaisareia; Diocletianoupolis; Pharsalos; The comes of Lamia, the granaries (horrea) of Kaisariou or of Lamia; Commerce and late antique amphorae, Late Roman Amphora 2; Annona militaris along the Danube; Exploitation of quarries, atrakios lithos, verde antico, sarcophagoi
United Kingdom
3 τ. ( 243 ; 160; 219σ. ( παράρτημα εικόνων, χάρτης, πίνακας), im., tbls., maps
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