Distributed management of competitive access to common resources using algorithmic game theory


The Internet is today an inextricable part of daily personal, educational and business activity, turning any problems in its operation or availability into a significant interruption of these activities and their users. The resources offered by the Internet (capacity, coverage) are continuously increasing but at the same time the users and their demands are increasing at an even larger pace. If measures for the efficient and fair management of the network resources are not taken, the Internet will cease to be able to support new users and applications with high quality. Internet users operate in an independent manner, by creating data flows (sending and receiving network packets) which satisfy their demands. Each user prefers for his needs to be served in the best possible way but the resources of the network are shared and finite, making it often impossible to provide the best service to everyone. This leads to users competing amongst themselves for access to the network resources and ...
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Αποκεντρωμένη διαχείριση ανταγωνιστικής πρόσβασης σε κοινόχρηστους πόρους με αλγοριθμική θεωρία παιγνίων
Koutsiamanis, Remous - Aris Athanasios
Degree Grantor
Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH)
Committee members
Εφραιμίδης Παύλος
Καράκος Αλέξανδρος
Σπυράκης Παύλος
Σατρατζέμη Μαρία
Τσαουσίδης Βασίλειος
Κοντογιάννης Σπύρος
Αραμπατζής Αυγερινός
Natural Sciences
Computer and Information Sciences
Engineering & Technology
Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering
Algorithm; Computer networks; Algorithmic game theory; Resource management; Competitive access
xxix, 157 σ., tbls., fig., ch.